Earn Free Crypto

Coinbase’s Earn while you learn feature teaches you about various cryptos while rewarding you for answering simple questions.

What is an NFT

A nonfungible token (NFT) is a form of cryptographic asset that is one-of-a-kind and used to create and verify digital asset ownership.

Nationwide blocking Binance

Nationwide have joined Barclays and a host of other UK banks that are now blocking payments to the cryptocurrency exchange.

Ethereum Vs Bitcoin. Will ETH Flip BTC ?

Going by current market caps, Ethereum’s market cap is only 39.6 % of Bitcoins. This would mean it would need to increase in value by 152.52 % just to equal the current BTC market cap and would put ETH at $5,511.22 per coin

What UK Cards work on Crypto Exchanges

It has been speculated that the UK Banks are seeing huge amount of payments heading out of the banking system and onto crypto exchanges and they have been looking for an excuse to block crypto exchange payments for quite some time.