Bitboy Crypto, The largest Crypto channel on the interwebs has been banned from YouTube indefinitely in what can only be seen as censorship by authorities wanting to crack down on crypto news outlets.

Bitboy, real name Ben Armstrong posted this on his twitter late last night;

over 5000 people retweeted Ben’s tweet in support for the Bitboy Crypto YouTube Channel, including Bitronix and thankfully @TeamYouTube saw sense and reinstated the channel.

Bitboy has thanked his supporters and has said he has a lot to say about it on his livestream later today.

He also tweeted recently to say crypto is here to stay. And he is 100% correct. No amount of censorship or takedowns can stop crypto adoption and blockchain becoming mainstream.

If you don’t already follow Bitboy, head over to his Youtube Channel and give him a follow. Whether you love him or hate him he has the biggest crypto channel on the planet and his content is always up to date with the latest crypto developments.

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