Everyone that knows anything about crypto has heard about Coinbase. Its a great place to get started with crypto due to its ease of use and intuitive app, but did you know they regularly give away free crypto?

Coinbase’s Earn while you learn feature teaches you about various cryptos while rewarding you for answering simple questions.

They regularly update the free crypto coins on offer with news coins and rewards being added quite often.

What’s more, they have a referral system too and if you refer your friends or family you’s can both can get 10$ worth of Bitcoin paid into your wallet once your referral signs up and buys or trades $100 worth of crypto.

How to get free crypto

To start earning free crypto with Coinbase open the app and select the home tab. You should see a rewards sections that says

Discover ways to earn crypto

Start Earning

The free crypto they are giving away today is Clover Finance [CLV].

Clover is a blockchain infrastructure platform that aims to help developers create fast, secure dApps.

Coinbase will show you some slides teaching you about the crypto on offer and then ask you a question on it.

Even if you get it wrong you can go back and try again. You don’t even need to watch the slides. You can skip straight to the question if you think you already know the answer.

The answers are pretty straight forward and multiple choice too so you shouldn’t have to much trouble.

Once you answer the questions you will get some free crypto. Some of the quizzes have a few questions were you can earn us to $3 in crypto and others have up to 10 with a $10 up for grabs.

What’s more when you first sign up (Or if you’re a member and haven’t done any before) there should be quite a few you can do.

Once you’ve completed the initial ones check back often as they update the regularly and they expire after a certain amount have been paid out.

As you can see there are worthwhile doing for the free crypto. What’s more, once you earn the free crypto you can trade it for another crypto if you desire. You don’t have to keep it. It can be traded immediately after.

If you would like to sign up for a Coinbase account you can use my referral link and we’ll both get $10 worth of free BTC once you spend more than $100.

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