If like me and you are extremely bullish on Ravencoin [RVN] you’ve probably considered sitting up a node to support the network and if you haven’t, You should.

Ravencoin nodes maintain a copy of the blockchain, distribute it to others downloading it to set up further nodes, confirm transactions, and maintain a fast strong decentralised network.

The more nodes there are the more secure and faster the network becomes. If there weren’t any nodes the network wouldn’t exist.

If you would like to support the Ravencoin network and have a Windows PC read on to find out how you can contribute to the network by creating you own node.

How to run Ravencoin Node

On a windows PC it is actually quite simple to set up a Ravencoin node. You just need to download Raven Core from Github and configure it.

Installing Raven Core Steps

  • Download Raven Core
  • Install Raven Core
  • Run Raven Core
  • Allow through Firewall

You will see Configuring Headers on the bottom of the Raven Core app. This can take quite some time. I left my PC on during the night to complete and it was ready the next morning. You can however go on and start configuring Raven Core.

To configure Raven Core you have to map port 8767 to the PC running Raven Core to allow incoming connections. You can do this in your router setting or use the Universal Plug n Play [UPnP] feature of the Raven Core app.

For simplicity, I’m going to use UPnP.

Configuring Raven Core Steps

  • Click on the Wallet Tab
  • Then Network
  • Then tick the checkbox for map port using UPnP
  • Optional – On the main tab you can toggle Start Raven Core on System Log in

Thats it, you have just configured a Ravencoin Node and are contributing to the success of the Ravencoin network. After a while you should start to see incoming connections if you hover the mouse over the icons on the bottom right of the Raven Core Program.

You can also check to see if you are showing on the Ravennodes. This however will require the headers to be complete synced before you show up on the list of nodes.

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I am a crypto miner and general tech enthusiast. I build and assemble mining rigs, trade and Hodl crypto and share my experiences to help others get involved in blockchain technology.

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