Polkadot is a special crypto asset that has rules on minimum balances. Like some bank accounts that require a minimum balance to use the account, Polkadot requires that you deposit and maintain a balance greater than 1 DOT in your Exodus Polkadot  address.

This shows in your balance along with any other DOT coins you have but when it comes to withdrawing Polkadot from Exodus you will find it always leaves one Polkadot in your account.

If you are using the Exodus mobile app there is no way to withdraw the last DOT from app directly. You will need to download the Windows or Mac version of Exodus to do withdrawal.

If you already have the desktop app installed its just a matter of logging in on desktop, selecting Polkadot and sending it to your chosen address. If you do not have the desktop app installed you can download it from the Exodus Website and restore your wallet with your recovery phrase.

When restoring with your recovery phrase make sure nobody can see the phrase, your antivirus software is running and up to date and also use the drop down boxes after you type the first letter to find each word with the mouse, rather than typing each word. This is an built in security feature of Exodus incase your computer has any spyware or keyloggers installed which could track keystrokes and get your recovery phrase.

How to withdraw last Polkadot from Exodus Wallet.

Open Exodus wallet on Desktop and select Polkadot.

Click the send button.

Input the DOT address you want to send the Polkadot to and click send.

Thats it sent. You should see the DOT in you chosen address within a minute or 2.

Exodus wallet is a fantastic wallet. Without a doubt its my favorite software wallet, and I’ve tried quite a lot. BUT… as always I would recommend a hardware wallet for larger amounts of crypto, Especially if your balance is over 4 digits.

If you’re using Exodus Wallet and are interested in getting a hardware wallet they have teamed up with Trezor and you can now manage and exchange your cryptocurrencies seamlessly in Exodus securely from your Trezor Hardware wallet.

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