A lot of crypto exchanges have came and went over the past decade and this is why its important to pick a good reliable genuine exchange.

The exchanges I have picked below are exchanges I use, or have used and trust with my crypto. They are also exchanges that have established themselves in the industry and are here to stay long term.

Below is my selection of picks for the best crypto exchanges to buy, sell and hold crypto in 2021.

  1. Crypto.com

Crypto.com is my top pick for crypto exchanges. It is one of the top-ranked crypto platform that allows users to buy, transfer, store, and exchange 100’s of  cryptocurrencies.

Crypto.com has all the popular cryptocurrencies you’d expect from a leading exchange. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA) are only a few of the hundreds of coins available, Including their own crytpo.com coin (CRO), which in my opinion will be massive in the future. You can also utilize over 20 fiat currencies including GBP, USD, EUR.

The company offers a selection of crypto debit cards that allows customers to spend cryptocurrencies anywhere Visa is accepted. Furthermore, there is cashback between 1-8% on every every purchase you make using their card and a load of 100% cashback offers including Spotify and Netflix.  

The amount of CRO cashback depends on the tier of crypto card you have and there is staking requirements for most of the cards but they are well worth staking for the rewards. My current card is the Ruby Steel and it is used for almost everything I buy for the CRO rewards.

To sign up for a card follow this link for a $25 reward when you sign you and stake for a Ruby card or above.

Crypto.com has recently become sponsors of UFC – Ultimate Fighting championship on a ten year deal worth $175M  and are also sponsoring Formula 1 on a long term deal. They mean business and are here to stay.

My top pick, hands down. CRYPTO.COM

2. Coinbase

Coinbase currently has 50+ million users in more than 100 countries around the world and are one of the oldest and and best crypto exchanges.

It is the perfect place to start when you are first getting into crypto as they have made things very simple and intuitive to use, both on their website and apps.

They regularly give away free crypto as rewards for watching short clip and answering multiple choice questions about the clip. This is a great way to learn about crypto and blockchain technology as well as bagging free crypto too.

They are an American company so everything is above board and regulatory approvals in place. It is a safe bet and one of my top picks for new and experienced crypto traders.

Sign up for a Coinbase account using this link and get $10 FREE Bitcoin (or equivilent in your own currency). $10 BTC is credited to your account once you have bought or sold $100 worth of crypto.

3. Binance

Even if you’re new to cryptocurrency, there’s a good chance that you’ve already heard of Binance. It is the most popular exchange for trading crypto worldwide.

Launched only in late 2017, Binance is a crypto exchange platform that allows users to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Doge and hundreds more. Although the company now has its headquarters in the European Isle of Malta, the project was founded by Chinese national Changpeng Zhao (CZ).

In less than a yew years of trading, Binance became one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in existence . With its low trading fees and discounts for using BNB It has been speculated that the platform to facilitates more than $2 billion worth of trading activity every day.

Binance CEO CZ Binance

Though Binance.com is used predominately for trading outside the U.S, U.S residents can use the binance.us instead. This is because SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) has restrictions on the financial derivatives of the traders of Cryptocurrency in the United States.

This has also recently became an Issue for UK residents trading derivatives too with Binance needing to get approved with regulatorily bodies in the UK, but overall it is still one of the best choices available for trading crypto and is number 3 on our top tops.

4. Kraken

 Kraken is another solid choice for a crypto exchange and comes in at number 4 on our list. It is based in the U.S. and has never been hacked and they are very strict with security.

Kraken allows you to trade directly from fiat currency to crypto. There are also 50+ cryptocurrencies available to trade.

Kraken pro is available after you create a wallet. Kraken Pro is more polished than the basic web-based trading interface. a bit similar to Coinbase Pro. It includes graphs, market depth, open orders and positions, and the ability to place trades.

Sign up for an account here.

5. Gemini

Gemini is a next generation cryptocurrency exchange and custodian that allows customers to buy, sell, and store digital assets.

With Gemini you can stay on top of market trends, create your crypto group and achieve your exchange strategy with Gemini’s easy-to-use tools.

The Gemini app is obtainable on all the main app stores, and it sets the business’s greatest cryptocurrency conversation and wallet at your finger tips.

Like Coinbase they also have a referral bonus of $10 in BTC once you trade $100 or more.

To sign up follow this link.

The above Crypto exchanges are exchanges I have account on and use myself personally. I like and recommend them all but have listed them in my order of preference.

For me crypto.com is my personal favourite for the debit card and cashback in CRO. 1-8% Cashback today could be 100-800% cashback in the future. This is crypto after all.

I’ve had one or 2 bad experiences  on other sites that I haven’t mentioned in my recommendations. The one that stands out was HitBIT. I had opened an account to purchase a coin that I could not get elsewhere.

The whole process was a bit of a nightmare, from opening the account to actually buying the crypto but the real issue came when I wanted to cash it out. first they did not seem to have the liquidity to process the exchange of my coins and then when I finally got them traded for a terrible exchange rate they blocked my account when I tried to transfer them to an external wallet.

I had to open a ticket and re verify my account and identity. It took about 2 days in total, after which I withdrew the crypto, logged out and never logged back in again. Not one I would recommend personally but I’ve heard others saying they have had good experiences with them.

Lastly, links posted in this article contain affiliate links. If you sign up for an exchange using one of the links on this site I may receive a commission, but this does not effect how I have ranked the exchanges listed. They are ranked in order my own personal preference, not on how much I may receive as an affiliate commission.  

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